We want to make your GROOM experience as easy as possible so we have put together the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully this helps you.

What’s the difference between GROOM and other barbershops?

We of course feel that many things. First of all we focus on delivering the best possible customer service and pay special attention to the quality of our services but also realize that men do not want to spend hours sitting in the barber chair. Secondly, we want to be better everyday and that’s why we educate our barbers in our weekly trainings where we work to improve our GROOM Way -barbering. Even if we are a chain, we still want to be personal.

Do I need to book an appointment in advance or can I just walk-in?

You are always welcome to just walk-in to check if we have free times but we recommend booking in advance especially after 3pm when we are usually pretty busy. Especially if you want to have a longer service we recommend to book an appointment so that you can come when it suits you best. We can see the bookings of all our barber shops so our barbers can always offer you the next available time in any GROOM barber shop near you. So welcome to pop by any time!

Can I book an appointment to the barber of my choice?

Of course you can. You can book easily online  or by calling the barber shop. You can find the shop details here.

I’m a new customer and I’m not sure which service is best for me?

When coming for a haircut the first time, we recommend to take our GroCut Special 45min -service. We will have more time for consultation to make sure you will get the best possible GROOM haircut. Then in the future you can book GroCut Basic 30min which will be enough if you visit us on a approx.  4weeks cycle.

For our beardly friends we recommend to book the GroTrim Beard 30min beard shaping service as a first visit. We will have good time to shape your beard and to trim the beardline with a straight razor. In the future GroTrim Face 15min beard trimming will be enough to keep your beard in shape if you visit us on a approx.  4weeks cycle.

Please also check out our GroSpecials – service packages, where we have put together our most popular services as a one full-service package.

Do I need to know what type of hair or beard style I want to have and where can I find ideas for a new style?

You don’t necessarily need to have an idea of your new style when sitting down in our barber chair. Our barbers are trained professionals to see which style suits you the best. If you are looking for a totally new style, we recommend to book the longer services. (pls. see above section).

Do we have a yearly membership?

We do not have different stages of membership. We value every customer and we do not want to make anyone wait their turn because of someone else. If you are our loyal customer, we recommend you to check our our Sixpack and Twelvepack –loyalty cards which will get you savings on your haircuts without the need to give up any of your benefits.

How does the GROOM guarantee work? Do I get my money back if I’m not satisfied with the result?

If you are for some reason not happy with the service you can come back within 7 days with the receipt to any of our barbershops to let us fix the result. If you are still not happy or if you feel the situation cannot be fixed we are such proud professionals and will rather return your money than make unhappy customers. In these situations please contact us info@groom.fi.

If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us info@groom.fi – we are happy to help you with any questions.

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